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You got your het pairing in my Bleach fandom!

the place to be for boys and girls

Bleach Boys and Girls
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A place to go for all your het ships in the Bleach fandom.

As a new fan of the series, I looked around for my favorite ships and was distressed to find that while there was a Bleach yaoi community and a Bleach yuri community, there was no Bleach het community. My favorite ships were scattered across the internet, each one largely consigned to its own little community, never to mingle in the wild with the other het ships.

I believe that the fandom's plentiful and interesting het couples should live together in peace and harmony, no matter their shape, color, or questionable height difference!

Quote Vote

Renji wanted to grab her and (hold her close, as tightly as he could with the bars between them, hold her forever) shake her until the uncaring mask slid off her face until she shouted at him, What's wrong with you!, so that he could shout back at her, Don't lie to me!
- New Tricks, by unedited


1. We totally want you to post fanfic and fanart here! When you do so, please use the following format:

Title: (if fanfic)
Characters/Pairings: (whichever applies)
Rating (important!)
Spoilers (anime arc/manga volume)
Notes/Summary (if you want)

Also, LJ-cut everything. If you don't know how to do it, here's a helpful link.

2. We believe in community activities! Once a month, a meme is posted with writing prompts for you to select from, and a quote vote goes up to elect the best quote of the month. Participation is optional, but it's fun!

For links to the current meme, current vote, or the place to nominate a quote, check out the links list on the comm's front page.

3. It goes without saying that you should stay on topic, but you may post with threesomes, or fics that involve both yaoi/yuri and het. You may also post fics that are gen and have no pairing. We love gen!

4. You may advertise for an RP or community, but only once a month. The mods will delete your posts if you spam.

5. We encourage questions and discussions as well as fic and art! Just remember to be respectful of other people's pairings, as noted in the following...

6. Don't bash. Anything. No yaoi-bashing, no yuri-bashing, no pairing-you-don't-like-bashing. Ship wars belong elsewhere, and your grievances belong on your LJ. If someone in the comm is being a jerk, please notify the mods.


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