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[Fic]["Soft" - Aizen/Hinamori]

Title: Soft
Author: kiyuu
Pairing: Aizen/Hinamori
Rating: R, maybe?
Spoilers: End of Soul Society arc to be safe.
Notes: Written for and x-posted to 40_loves My "Hina-in-HM" muse is still going strong. :Db And this is the first time I've written anything with such a high rating. Please be gentle. T__T


Aizen loves Hinamori's skin.

He loves the way it trembles beneath his fingertips as she whimpers, squirming under him. It's soft and smooth as the silk sheets beneath them, and bears no scars and callouses that physical fighters have, save the long thin mark just below her ribcage.

He loved when the bright moon of Hueco Mundo spilled through the open window onto their bed, illuminating the girl's skin so that it gave her an almost ethereal glow. At these times, he would lean over her, pressing his lips against the tender flesh of her neck as he skimmed his hand over her arm.

And yet, the best thing he loved about the girl's skin was that it was so delicate. His nails could easily break the skin of her hips as he took her, and he could easily bite into her shoulder.

She didn't seem to mind though. No matter how much he made her bleed, she would never try to stop him.

In fact, if he didn't know better, he would think she enjoyed it.


T__T; I hope that wasn't too bad.
Tags: aizen, aizen/hinamori, hinamori
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